How to Play the Waiting Game…

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How to play the waiting game...Whether you are waiting to hear back from a hot date or a potentially awesome employment opportunity, it can be easy to become obsessed with negative thoughts before hearing from them again. Waiting can seem like torture, but with these five tips, you can fell much better about yourself during this frustrating time period:

  1. Schedule a Specific Follow-Up Date

Never call first, but try and set up a specific call back date at the end of your first meeting. If, for example, they said they would call after five days, maybe consider calling them on the sixth if you didn’t get a callback.

  1. Fill Your Time Constructively

One of the best ways to distract yourself is to fill your time with engaging topics. Prepare yourself to be more impressive next time you meet by studying up or exercising. Even if you never hear back from them, you will be improving yourself in a way that will help keep your self-confidence high.

  1. Be Prepared for the Worst

While you should avoid being straight up pessimistic, it can be useful to prepare yourself for a potential rejection. If you are ready for the possibility of things not working out the way you wanted them too, you will be less affected by the outcome. Remember, things are almost never as bad as you build them up to be in your mind.

  1. Remember That Delays Happen

Just because someone doesn’t contact you back in the timeline expected, does not mean they were uninterested or have forgotten about you. Think back on your own life and consider times where you’ve had to put off important tasks because of unforeseen complications. This can absolutely happen to the person you are waiting to hear from, so never allow a delay to make you feel bad about yourself or your potential to succeed.

  1. There Will Be Future Opportunities

Unfortunately, the hard truth is that things will sometimes not go your way. Thankfully, these instances help you to grow as a person. One of the best things to remember when trying to keep your head up is that there will be future opportunities. At the time, it may seem like hope is lost or that your self-worth has been damaged, but you will certainly have the opportunity to boost your confidence once again in the future!

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